LifeFit Bodywork

(formerly MaryAnn Zenter, LMT)




Whether you seek to achieve an athletic goal, would like to restore functional movement post surgery, injury, or competition, or you simply want to feel more fluid overall and move more gracefully, we strive to help you realize freedom of movement and a life of optimal functioning and fitness.  


Bodywork is a field that encompasses a huge variety of interests, from energy work (the intuitive 'laying on of hands') to relaxing 'spa massage' techniques, orthopedic manual therapy (think PT) and fascial release. Fascial release in particular is rapidly evolving as science supports and explains the latest findings of a few pioneers in the field, such as Robert Schliep, Tom Myers and Frederick's own Brian Tuckey.  We at LifeFit use the whole of our knowledge and education, often using multiple techniques in any given session, in order to treat the current issue that you bring to us.  At the same time, we are excited to learn new things and expand our horizons.     


LifeFit Bodywork is conveniently located in a safe and professional setting in Mt. Airy, Md, adjacent to Watkins Park.